Robot simulation

The introduction of robots in the production is no longer sufficient to be one step ahead of competitors and prevent production and jobs from being outsourced – robot simulation is the natural next step. Robot simulation is the basis for SIMFACT where we have two areas of business; software and services.


Until recently the barriers of entry to acquire and use robot simulation software, has been high and characterized by large investments and complex user-interfaces or simple and limited software solutions. This has now changed, with the introduction of Delfoi Robotics latest software release, that covers exactly these challenges. 


“We use it, we sell it, we vouch for it…”



We aim to

  • Create the basis for fact based decisioning in automation projects, using simulation software.
  • Make robot simulation accessible and easy.
  • Increase availability and profitability of using Offline Programming (OLP).

We offer

  • Delfoi simulation software portfolio.
  • Feasibility Study.
  • Workcell Simulation.
  • Offline Programming (OLP).
  • Technical Project Management. 

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