Offline programming


Generating robot programs


The main purpose of Offline programming is to reduce programming downtime on the physical robot installation. However, it is also a quality issue since you can manage your process exact, even when the part geometry and process parameters get complex. An OLP job can vary from a rough program that is the basis for further programming at the robot, to plug’n’play programs, that needs no touch-up. All depending on the hardware possibilities and the objective of the programming.


  • Building workcell (3D model with kinematics)

If the workcell is not already created at a prior stage, this is the first task. A virtual workcell that matches the physical cell is the whole basis for successful offline programming.


  • Cell calibration (eliminating the differences between theory and reality)

When downloading programs from a theoretical environment to a physical installation it is required to compensate for the small differences by calibrating the virtual model to reality.


  • Process parameters (parametrizing craftmanship)

A very important preparation for the OLP work is to identify the process parameters for specific types of processes. This is actually the art of converting manual craftmanship to measurable parameters. E.g. a weld needs to be broken down to flare angles, weld speeds, etc. as a function of the part characteristics.


  • OLP programming (programming and simulating the robots offline)

This is the actual Offline Programming work where working parts are loaded into the cell and trajectories and via locations are created.


  • On-demand OLP (Outsourced OLP work, whenever there is a need)

If your company chooses to handle the Offline Programming internally, we offer an OLP on-demand service that helps you meet peak loads of OLP work. Fast and flawless, following the available process instructions.

The work we do at Simfact is based on the Visual Components Robotics OLP (former Delfoi) software portfolio that supports a variaty of robot processes. We are Visual Components VAR (Value Adding Reseller) partner in Denmark and we sell the software and provide courses alongside our service business. Have a closer look at the Visual Components Robotics OLP application for robot welding below, or the other available Delfoi applications here.